• Advantages of membership of the European Route of Brick Gothic (EuRoB)

    Towns, cities and institutions

    • Marketing and promotion: Membership means that your town, city, region or institution and its cultural tourism resources will be part of a wider network. EuRoB uses a variety of marketing channels such as travel guidebooks, brochures, periodicals, trade fairs, press releases and digital and social media to present its members to an international audience.
    • International cooperation: The association offers a platform for an exchange of experience and expertise between members and promotes cooperation in shared projects.
    • Access to knowledge and research: EuRoB is an important source of research and knowledge in the area of Brick Gothic architecture. As a member you will have access to a wide range of information, publications and training courses. The network offers its members support for the content of projects and events which are connected with Brick Gothic.
    • Promotion of culture and tourism: EuRoB supports culture and tourism in the member countries. You can benefit as a member by presenting your cultural and tourism resources via EuRoB.

    Private persons:

    • Access to information: As a member you will have access to a wealth of information about Brick Gothic architecture and its importance in Europe and about travel and entrance options. This can be an advantage both for your private interest and for academic purposes.
    • Cultural experience: EuRoB, its members and cooperation partners regularly organise cultural events and activities such as guided tours, workshops, concerts and exhibitions. As a member you can receive exclusive insights, and you can benefit from a rich cultural programme.
    • Networking: EuRoB offers a platform to connect people who are interested in history, architecture and Brick Gothic. As a member you can get to know people with similar interests from different countries.
    • Helping to preserve our cultural heritage: As a member you can play an active role in the activities and working groups of the association. With your membership you support the work of EuRoB to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Brick Gothic architecture in Europe.

    How can I become a member?

    If you support the purpose and the activities of the charitable association European Route of Brick Gothic (EuRoB) and would like to contribute to our commitment to the shared cultural heritage, you can become a sponsoring member – whether as a private individual (€40/year), a company or an association.

    Ordinary members of the association European Route of Brick Gothic can be regional authorities as well as such organisations and institutions whose activities are related to municipal or regional issues. Ordinary members shall be admitted by the Managing Board upon application.

    We invite every Brick Gothic town, city and institution and all lovers of Gothic architecture to contact us and join our association.

    Have a look at our fee order as well as our constitution.

    Become a member

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    Please see our Privacy Policy (in German).

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