St. Jürgen Chapel, outside the town gates. Two-bay chancel, 14th century

St. Jürgen Hospital in Barth was first mentioned in 1322 and was mainly used as an infirmary for patients suffering from leprosy or the plague. The only surviving part of the associated chapel is the two-bay Gothic chancel with its outer walls around 5 sides of its basic decagon structure. The nave, which probably had three bays, is only preserved in its outer walls as far out as the level of the windows which exist today. The chapel was later altered to accommodate a change of use. In 1818 parts of the walls of the nave were used in the construction of a two-storey building with five window axes with a central aisle, rendered outer walls and a pitched roof. In the interior of the chancel there are still paintings from the original construction period in the 15th century which were concealed under later layers of plaster and only rediscovered during extensive refurbishing work in the summer of 2002. These uncovered illustrations, including St. Christopher, were restored. Today St. Jürgen is used as a Bible Centre. It conveys information about biblical subjects by means of exhibitions, special events and guided tours especially for schools. The chancel is still used as a room for prayer and religious services.



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