The Basilica of St. Nicholas (“St. Nicolai”) was consecrated in 1409 and was the church of the boatmen and salt barrel makers in the Wasserviertel neighbourhood.

The basilica has three aisles and side chapels which, with their galleries above, almost match the height of the side aisles. The central nave, which is over 30 metres high, bears a unique eight-pointed star vault.

The church is richly decorated with Gothic works of art. The four-winged high altar (Hans Bornemann/Hans Snitger around 1450) comes from St. Lambert’s Church, which was demolished in 1860/61. In the ambulatory you can see parts of the high altar of the former Heiligental monastery church showing the oldest views of Lüneburg (around 1445).



Lüner Str. 15, 21335 Lüneburg, Deutschland


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