Within its walls, Grudziądz was laid out extremely regularly. A characteristic feature are the streets parallel to the Vistula, running along a north-south axis. The streets located next to the walls were of economic nature, while the transverse streets belonged to the subordinate ones.

The town was divided into 18 narrow rectangular fields. The central point of the town was a rectangular Market Square measuring 54 × 70 m, with a town hall and a merchant’s house in the middle. There are 8 streets leading off from the Market Square, 2 from each corner: Szewska, Mickiewicza, Wieżowa, Długa, Kościelna, Prosta, Reja and Pańska. In the north-western corner of the Market Square, St. Nicholas Church was erected, while slightly to the north the so-called “Little Market” (today’s Starorynkowa Street) was built.

An interesting curiosity is a tram line running through the narrow streets of the Old Town, including the Market Square. A ride through the narrow streets and the sharp curves will remain in every visitor’s memory…



Grudziądz, Rynek


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