The Benedictine monastery of St. Michael’s (“St. Michaelis”) was first mentioned in 956. Together with the ducal castle it was initially situated on the Kalkberg rock. After the castle was destroyed by the citizens of Lüneburg in 1371, the monastery was moved to its present site. The foundation stone of the new monastery and the three-aisled hall church was laid in 1376. The two-storey abbey chapel on the north side was completed in 1412. Under the chancel is the lower church with two side chapels. The medieval furnishings are scattered today. The main work of Lüneburg painting and sculpture around 1415 was the monumental high altar and shrine (“Goldene Tafel”).
St. Michael’s Church was the burial place of the ruling families of Lüneburg until the end of the 15th century. To the north of the church there are excavated relics of the monastery buildings.



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