The parish church of St. Nicholas’ is one of the oldest churches of the former State of the Teutonic Order. The construction of its chancel began around 1300; after the middle of the 14th century the nave was built as a stepped hall. Note the sexpartite stellar vault, which is rare in the land of the Teutonic Order, as well as the remains of medieval wall paintings and three original terracotta reliefs on the tower facades.
In the chancel there is a Romanesque baptismal font from Gotland with representations of griffins in relief. The main altar and two side altars in Baroque style have paintings and sculptures from the 17th century. The steeple has three historical bells. The oldest of them, the St. Nicholas bell, was cast in 1482.



Kościelna 7, 86-302 Grudziądz, Polen


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