Brick Gothic group tours for the first time starting in 2020

Brick Gothic group tours for the first time starting in 2020

Due to high demand, the association European Route of Brick Gothic offers group trips to the top Brick Gothic sights starting next year! The trips are organised in cooperation with the tour operator ReiseMission.

The cooperation between the association and the tour operator begins with the group trip “Mecklenburg Brick Gothic in Six Days”, which will take place from 5 to 10 May 2020 leaving from Berlin. Registration for the group trip is possible as of now. For the time being, 12 Brick Gothic cities in Germany are involved; further cities and countries (Denmark, Poland) are to follow.

The 12 participating cities in 2020 are: Bad Doberan, Burg Stargard, Bützow, Güstrow, Neubrandenburg, Neukloster, Parchim, Ribnitz-Damgarten, Rostock, Schwerin, Stralsund, Wismar.

The highlight of each city tour is the Brick Gothic buildings and monuments, but visits also include museums, exhibitions and a brewery.

The Leipzig tour operator ReiseMission is a specialist in educational group trips, aimed primarily at all those who are interested in religious and cultural history. Each group is accompanied by a professional tour guide and has the opportunity to participate in meetings and discussions with experts in church, culture and society.

The managing director of the European Route of Brick Gothic, art and architecture historian Dr. Edith Kowalski, will accompany the group tour. Special visits are planned in each destination with the members of the association to provide unique insights into Brick Gothic architecture.

The varied travel programme, additional information and the registration form are available at EuRoB-Travels as well as at ReiseMission.