Experience an architectural masterpiece, where 1000 years of Danish history lies buried under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts. Roskilde Cathedral is the most important church in Denmark. You can explore the entire Danish Royal history in one place with the tombs of 40 kings and queens. The Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its unique architecture.

The Cathedral is the official royal burial church and the many chapels holds 40 royal tombs. Legend has it Harold Bluetooth is buried here, but no evidence has been found. But you’ll find Margrete 1., who joined Denmark, Sweden and Norway in the Kalmar Union 600 years ago as well as many queens from Kassel, Brandenburg Frederik 9. Since the 1500’s, it has been the official church and the funeral monument of the current queen of Denmark Margrethe 2. is already in place in the Cathedral. The sarcophagus stands on three columns made in granite from Danish island Bornholm, marble from Greenland and basalt from the Faroe Island and is decorated with elephants connected to the oldest order in Denmark, the Order of the Elephant. A small exhibition explains the process of making the monument as well as the tradition behind.



Domkirkepladsen 3, 4000 Roskilde, Dänemark


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