Stargard Castle was once the political and strategic centre of the Stargard region. The Margraves of Brandenburg had the castle built over a Slavic rampart between 1260 and 1290. Despite being destroyed over the centuries, the main parts of the complex have been preserved: the gates, the “Krumme Haus” (literally: curved house) and parts of the dodecagonal series of curtain walls, marked by the Brick Gothic style. A mighty moat surrounds the whole complex. The keep, a 38-metre round tower with a conical top, stands out as a landmark.

Besides the castle itself, the old town, the Church of St. John (“St. Johannes”) and the former Chapel of the Holy Spirit (“Kapelle zum Heiligen Geist”) are also worth a visit.



Burg 1, 17094 Burg Stargard, Deutschland


53.49043640000001, 13.3050928

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