Today’s collegiate church in Bützow was begun in the second half of the 13th century as a collegiate church of the Schwerin bishops. Its initial layout was that of a basilica which was then amended to be completed as a three-aisled brick hall church with a chancel at the end of the 14th century. The 74-metre high tower was finished around 1450, and still has the inner wooden structure from the time of its construction.

Of particular interest are: the priest’s gate (after 1250) and the bronze baptismal font (1474), the bell (1486), the winged Marian altar, made by a Lübeck carver, which can display three different scenes (1503), the Renaissance pulpit (1617), the Lüders-Karsten sundial (1765), the Friese III organ (1877) with the oldest case in Mecklenburg (ca. 1510).



Stiftskirche, Kirchenplatz 3, 18246 Bützow


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