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The European Route of Brick Gothic was awarded a gold medal for "outstanding achievements in the preservation of historic monuments in Europe" at the denkmal2010 fair in Leipzig. 





Tartu – the city of good thoughts

The Hanseatic town Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia with a population of 100.000 people, one fifth are students. The University was founded in 1632 and gives Tartu its special spirit. Tartu is famous as a meeting house for scientists, K.E.von Baer, W.Struwe, etc. have lived and worked here.Tartu has two looks, two gothic churches and segments of the town wall remind one of a mediaeval town, the present look dates from the beginning of 19th century due to reopening the university. In the 19th century Tartu was called “Athen of Emajõgi River”. Over time the symbols of the town have been changed. Despite of WW II Tartu has preserved its status as an intellectual and educational centre of Estonia.


Tartu Tourist Information Centre
14 Raekoja plats, 51004, Tartu
Tel: +3727442111
Fax: +3727442111

Insider tip

(historical Gunpowder Cellar, nowadays restaurant and wine cellar) 28 Lossi St, Tartu

Leisure and culture

Tartu City Museum
23 Narva Road, Tartu

House of Estonian Sports Museum
15 Rüütli St, Tartu

Art Museum of Tartu University
18 Ülikooli St, Tartu

Tartu Toy Museum
8 Lutsu St, Tartu

Aura Centre (swimming pool, waterpark)
10 Turu St, Tartu 

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- Taschenbuch über die Vergangenheit und Gegenwart Tartus

- Tartu imago 2005/2006

- Tartu (Dorpat). Eine Tausendjährige junge Kulturstadt(2005)

Travel offers

Be invited on the traces of Brick Gothic.


St. John´s Church
Dome Cathedral