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The European Route of Brick Gothic was awarded a gold medal for "outstanding achievements in the preservation of historic monuments in Europe" at the denkmal2010 fair in Leipzig. 


EuRoB Map Stralsund

Hanseatic City of Stralsund


Diamond of the Baltic Sea

The Hanseatic City of Stralsund is located on the Strelasund Sound in the far north-east of the German state of  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in an area marked by a series of isles and peninsulas such as Hiddensee, Usedom, Fischland-Darss-Zingst, not to mention the famed island holiday resort Rügen. Stralsund, founded in 1234, is an inexhaustible source of living history for anyone interested in the cultural heritage of the region. Rich in heritage sites of all periods and styles, the historic town centre is nevertheless dominated by glowing red brick architecture. Typical Brick Gothic architecture is to be found everywhere in the town. It forms the town's old walls, is to be seen in the town's impressive parish churches; in the imposing town hall, the town's old monasteries, and the splendid town houses once owned by merchants. Stralsund's bustling port with its warehouses and canals is an attraction for young and old.


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At first glance, its a useless indulgence: in Winter, a chilling icy wind blows through its open slats. Yet the town hall's wall has provoked the envy of those living in nearby Lübeck for centuries. There's even a rude saying to prove it in the northern German dialect: "The town hall in Stralsund is like the mayor's kids: empty big noters!" (Dat Strolsunner Rothus is as sine Kinner: hoch hinaus un nix dorhinner!) Find out what's up with the ceremonial facade of the famed town hall here...

Experience the World of Brick Gothic

The town's thirteenth century town hall dating back to the 13th century along with the neighbouring St. Nicolas' church form one of the most impressive Brick Gothic heritage site in northern Germany. The ornamental display front reemerged following an extensive restoration which removed Baroque plasterwork installed between 1881-1882.

St. Catherine's monastery
was founded by a Dominican order in 1251. The almost completely preserved site is one of the best preserved of its kind in northern Germany. With more than 50 rooms, the monastery today houses a museum of cultural history, the German Aquatic Museum and an aquarium.

The most well known of Stralsund's gable houseswas built by the then mayor Wulflam's family. The imposing pillared gable with its extensive decorative work is architecturally closely relate to the facade of the town hall, in turn evincing the political power of one of the most powerful families in the town who were intimately associated at the time with the town's council.

Guided Tours

Those wishing to test out their knowledge of Hanseatic City Stralsund's history have the chance to do so at a Brick Gothic quiz held in the town. The competition of at least two teams pits contestants against each other, as they try to answer the most questions correctly. Here's a hint that will help you out, if you choose to take part in the quiz: you'll find answers to even the curliest of questions on the "Wall of Knowledge" at the German Aquatic Museum.

"Red Brick, Blue Ocean" is the motto used by the medieval Hanseatic City. Discover the cultural treasures scattered across the city's Old Town!

Visitors are offered tours of the town alongside some of the authentic city characters like Ferdinand von Schill, salty old sea-dog Kuddel or the wife of a Hanseatic merchant that promise to enrich their stay in the town.

"Stralsund has as many Heritage Monuments as there are Grains of Sands on the Beach" is the name of a tour through the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More details about the city tours are available here...

Beyond Brick Gothic

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Central Europe's largest museum of its kind, housed in the one-time hall church of St. Catherine's monastery. Permanent exhibitions on site reveal to visitors what its like to leave at the seaside and in the ocean; the museum shows visitors how fish are caught and dazzles them with its aquarium.
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The Ozeaneum was opened with accompanying celebrations on the 11th of July 2008. The building was designed as an extension of the German Aquatic Museum, and hosted over 100 000 visitors in its first 20 days of operation. The spectacular facility located on the peninsular near Stralsund is divided into four sections, with all sorts of exhibitions on offer and 40 (sometimes massive!) aquarium tanks.


Information about events and functions in the town is available from Stralsund's tourist information centre

Facts and Figures

Crafty merchants have been around in Stralsund for centuries. Find out more about the town's history here...

Brick Gothic Buildings

Town Hall
St. Marienkirche
Kirche St. Nikolai