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The European Route of Brick Gothic was awarded a gold medal for "outstanding achievements in the preservation of historic monuments in Europe" at the denkmal2010 fair in Leipzig. 
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Pearl on the European Route of Brick Gothic:
Bad Doberan

Minster in Bad Doberan
The small city of Bad Doberan in Germany has wonders to offer the visitor, of which the minster is perhaps the most famous. Almost the entire medieval interior of the minster church has survived intact until today. The minters's interior also offers several curiosities to the visitor: deer antlers are on display and one can learn the story of the minster's foundation through a ceremonial swan.

Learn more about the Doberan Minster here...

Welcome to the European Route of Brick Gothic

For hundreds of years, the influence of the Hanseatic League shaped the everyday life of those living along the coast of the Baltic Sea, a region considered to have been the centre of the European economy in the Middle Ages. Much evidence of the region's wealth and power at the time has survived until today: monasteries and town halls; gates and walls; hall churches and basilicas. These historical relics symbolise the spiritual and secular strength of the region during the epoch.

Brick gothic is the characteristic architectural style in many cities along the coast of the Baltic and throughout the regions surrounding the sea. Every piece of red brick comprising the buildings was made by hand, and every single building is a masterpiece –  for hundreds of years, brick gothic buildings have been emblematic landmarks in many Northern European towns and cities.

The European Route of Brick Gothic connects the historical traces of the Hanseatic era across several nations. The Route invites you to explore traces of the past, beautiful landscapes and a wide range of architectural attractions, as Denmark, Germany and Poland play host.

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Information material for download

Here you can download a selection of flyers of the European Route of Brick Gothic. Most of them are currently available only in German.

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New tour guide 2014/15 out now!
The publication presents Brick Gothic highlights for all 37 member cities and regions, along with other tips for cultural tourists. The guide is available in our member cities' tourist information centres and you will find it below in the download section or can order them here.

The new travel guide 2014, 2015

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In our Online-Compendium you will find full descriptions of particular Brick Gothic buildings.