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The European Route of Brick Gothic was awarded a gold medal for "outstanding achievements in the preservation of historic monuments in Europe" at the denkmal2010 fair in Leipzig. 
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Welcome to the European Route of Brick Gothic

St. Nicholas' church in Køge
Photo: EuRoB
St. Nicholas' church, Køge
Brick gothic is the characteristic architectural style in many cities along the coast of the Baltic and throughout the regions surrounding the sea. Every piece of red brick comprising the buildings was made by hand, and every single building is a masterpiece –  for hundreds of years, brick gothic buildings have been emblematic landmarks in many Northern European towns and cities.

The European Route of Brick Gothic connects the historical traces of the Hanseatic era across several nations. The Route invites you to explore traces of the past, beautiful landscapes and a wide range of architectural attractions, as Denmark, Germany and Poland play host.

Tour guide 2014/15

The publication presents Brick Gothic highlights for all member cities and regions, along with other tips for cultural tourists.

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You can also order the guide for free under (Currently only available in German)



We very welcome Grudziądz as a new Member of the European Route of Brick Gothic!
Watergate in Grudziądz
Photo: Mariusz Nasieniewski
Watergate, Grudziądz

Interesting facts

Descriptions of the cities and there buildings will be find in the rubric cities of the route.

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Kamien Pomorski - St. John's Cathedral