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The European Route of Brick Gothic was awarded a gold medal for "outstanding achievements in the preservation of historic monuments in Europe" at the denkmal2010 fair in Leipzig. 


EuRoB Map Germany

…Something for Every Taste

The country is capable of surprising guests and occasional visitors alike. Whether you adore the Higher or the Lower Alps, highlands or plains, forests, meadows or lakes, the stark beauty of austere mountain landscapes, wind-swept islands surrounded by crashing North Sea waves or the Baltic Sea with its sheer endless sandy beaches and picturesque seaside villages; whether pretty rural towns, steeped in history, or vibrant urban life are your thing – Germany has something to offer you. The variety on offer helps every visitor to find what he or she wants – whether they're looking for the excitement of a weekend getaway, the experience of a short holiday or a place to relax for a few weeks. The cultural life in Germany is as varied as the country’s history. Modern cityscapes, towns with Roman heritage or the old towns of the Hanseatic League on the shores of North Sea and Baltic Sea – there is something for every taste: culture and history, fitness and relaxation, a general attitude of live and let live, activity and recreation, excellent restaurants and hotels. In other words: Germany is the ideal place to recharge your inner batteries.


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